September 7, 2010

Trend Watch

However much we hate to admit it, fall is here. The season of orange, red and yellow is upon us as well as the chilly but not too  chilly air. The smell of winter is in the air but until it is actually here, lets enjoy the nice weather we do get.

In the world of hair, this is a time of transtition. Moving from the very bright,  and usually blonde, summer colours into slightly darker and more natural hues. This does not mean you need to give up your sunkissed ( or artificially sun-kissed ) locks, this just means that adding a few darker colours to the mix to create a more natural look is in order. For darker haired vixens creating a rich, warm tone with multiple tone or tone hues is the way to go. And for the highlight girls, toning your highlights downs a shade or two is on trend.

For Blondes:  There is a lot of "roots" being seen. Drew Barrymore is a prime example of this trend.

However tempting it may be to just allow your hair to grow out to get this look, I would advise against it. Drew's "roots" transition very softly into the lighter end. There is no harsh regrowth line which we so often see when it is time for a colour. Very fine blonde highlights are either painted in with a technique call Balyage or using foils to maintain this really soft, feminine and natural look. The upkeep on a look like this would be slightly less then your regular highlights and colour, but still requires some stylist/client bonding time.

Another option for blondes is to move away from a bright, sunny colour into a beige tone speckled with slightly darker pieces in an opposite tonal family.

 And for those blondes who just have to have super light hair, add a few pieces of a very light violet to your hair to add dimension and interest.

For Brunnettes

Warmth, warmth and more warthm is the mantra for darker haired babes. Think of the autimn leaved when searching for your hair colour this season. Warm browns to burn coppers are the mist haves this season. Brunnettes really get to have the most fun in the fall as everything revolves around beauitiful, rich brown tones.

For lighter brunnettes, really bring out the warmth and shine this season. Adding a few warm, soft copper highlights throughout adds dimension while still keeping that rich feeling. You don't want anything more then two shades lighter the your all over colour. Be sure to keep this look soft and feminine.

If you have ( naturally or not ) quite dark hair, create a similiar look by having some pieces a few shades lighter put in just along the edges of your hair. This should be almost like an outline of your hair cut. This keeps the depth and beauty on dark hair while adding that punch and dimension that is on trend for fall.

For Redheads: Aim for natural, bright, firey reds this season. Those three words tend to confuse people as each seems to be mutually exclusive but in fact, these three words describe this seasons red trend to a tee.

For lighter red heads move into the copper reds and be sure to add dimension by tossing in a few different shades, all within one level of each other.. Don't be afraid to go for a all over natural look with red. 

For the girls who like things a little more dramatic, we are seeing brighter copper pieces mingling with darker reds. 
Keeps both red tones on the warm side, staying away from the blue reds if you skin and look can do that. The trend is warmth, so keep the colours of fire in your mind when heading this direction. You can amp up or turn down the heat, so to speak, of your fire reds to suit your complexion and comfort level.

Styles this fall are loose, playing with natural texture and fall of the hair. As we saw in summer, the messy, loose, understyled hair is in, but for fall, we are adding a little more control and polish to the looks. This doesn't mean you need to get out your hard hold hair spray and flat iron. I encourage you to put them away ( or at least use them sparingly ) and go with the flow of how your hair naturally is.

If you have curls, use them. Get a great curl cream or styler. I recommend the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Foam or the Defining Creme. Wrap pieces of your hair around your finger to create a more chunky curl and diffuse with a diffuses, scrunch blowdry or let dry naturally. ( With the tempurature falling, I recommend blowdrying it some what ) If you like, you can use your hands or a flat brush to pull your roots straighter. This is especially great for those of us who have that wave or "kink" in our hair which never really curls but doesn't go straight either. Embrace that kink and work it.

For a more polished look use a round brush or big barrel curling iron to create alternating waves around the front. You can also use a finger wave technique if you know how. A few large curls throughout the back and you're done. For this look, keep the front curls moer solid and the back curls a little more broken up.

And for those with straight hair go for the messy rockstar style. Scrunching spray are not just for curly haired girls. On your straight dry, or slightly damp, hair, spritz in a scrunching spray, ( Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is great! ) and scrunch up handfuls of your hair. The idea is a messy, slept in, " I am too awesome to really do my hair " kind of look.

And finally, for those who need to wear their hair up and away from the face, braids are back with a vengeance. A messy, large braid ( or fishtail braid ) either pulled to the side or around the face as a headband keeps the hair away without looking too plain.

 And last, but not lease, for all my boys out there the trends this season are classics with a modern twist. The days of the short, faux hawk hair are moving out as trends move towards men's grooming and style. Longer hair can be seen as messy but pulled together, with lots of texture.
While short hair takes on a " Mad Men " feel. ( If you don't watch Mad Men, you should. Go watch it )
However, if you still need a little punk in your hair diet, you can always customize this kind of cut in to something uniquely yours.

And there you have it. The trends to watch for and ask for this season. The key things to ask for are texture, dimension and warm colours.

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