September 7, 2010

Welcome to my blog!!!


It is finally here, my uber anticipated ( at least by me ) and vastly improved ( over the last one ) hair blog. I would first like to thank everyone who takes  the time to read this. If you are clients, potential clients, friends, family or complete strangers, welcome. I look forward to giving you answers to your long wondered questions as well as keeping you updated on the wonderful world of fashion and hair.

A little about me:

After five years of doing hair behind the chair in the salon environement I have decided to branch out into session styling ( hair for photo shoots ), fashion shows, and competition work. Part of my branching out is this blog which encourages me to keep on the cutting edge ( pun intended ) of style and hair as well as to give anyone who wants to know information about the industry that I am so passionate about. My inspirations run the gamut from anime to 1920's Hollywood to Star Trek and everything in between. What I intend with this blog is to not only keep you all up to date on what is happening trend wise and answering questions, but to have a forum to post my work and receive feedback.

Now that you know a little of me, I want to set the tone for this blog. If you find that I am wrong about something, please let me know. If there are spelling, grammatical mistakes, again, please let me know. I do my best to make sure there are none, but sometimes they creep in. Feel very free to comment on any post ( keep comments polite and clean or bad things will happen to you ), ask questions ( perferably hair related ) by contacting me here or catching me on my facebook fan page @!/group.php?gid=25683920885&ref=ts . I will do my best to get to your question but it may take me sometime depending on how many questions I get. Just be patient, it will come.


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