October 14, 2011

Greeky and the food

I have been remiss in my writtings. The internet in Greece was dodgy so I didn't get much of a chance to post anything. But, here I am now for a short update.

We spent three nights in Greece, just outside of Athens by a town called Glynfada. What can I say about Greece? The history and the age of things such as the Parthenon, Temple of Zeus and Poseidon's Temple is beyond me. Just looking and touching things this old and knowing that 1000 years ago, or longer, someone else walked exactly where I was. Its a pretty crazy thing to think about. I am a history geek, so this is the best kind of thing for me.

However, it was not a place I would hurry to go back to. And I mean this with no disrepect to anyone and maybe it was the timing that was the problem with all the debt crisis and protests going on. Everyone seemed angry, Which was in stark contrast to Turkiye where most people seemed happy to see you. No one was outright rude and maybe this is just how the Greeks are, I have no reference point to go from. Athens, even with the awesome ruins, is not a pretty city. For the most part, the buildings are under 100 years old and very boring to look at. Learning some of the history though, there is a good reason most buildings are square and  built with no esthetic value at all. They were built to house an influx of people in the 20's and had to be built quickly and able to withstand earthquakes. They are not completely without their charm as I tend to like lots of people crammed into one place. It also rained very heavily one day, the day the transit workers were on strike, so that probably did not help the situation.  I guess I had been spoiled with going to Turkiye first. There were some great, helpful people though and the food!! MY GOD THE FOOD!!! My life will never be the same now that I have tasted true greek salad. I don't know how I can go back to the feta and vegetables in Canada. Even the onions is greece are sweet! I just cannot get over the food. I would go back to Greece again, just to eat Greek Salad. I kid you not!!!

I am currently in a hotel room in Venizia ( Venice ) but leave quite early tomorrow. Paris here I come!! I will leave you with a photo (  which does not even begin to describe the amazingness ) of greek salad and a little thing called The Temple of Zeus. I think you can tell which one is which. Sleep well.

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