October 2, 2011

Awaiting the Beginning.

It starts, or at least it will in about 40 minutes. In that time, I will be hopping on a flight to Toronto, then after four hours, I will be  hopping on another flight to Munich and then from there, yet another flight to our final destination ( at least for the moment ) Istanbul, ( or as my baggage tage says, IstaMbul ), Turkey! Yes, someone made a typo at some point along the way. Picture to come because my bag is currently being tossed onto a cart somewhere to eventually be loaded onto the plane.

Packing was the hardest part so far. I;ve never realized how much room jeans take up until this morning as I was trying to put the final touches on the wardrobe for the trip. I had to leave some things behind, so here's to hoping I find some exotic and stylish Eruopean styles while I am there. A great pair of shoes and a new purse would aslo be ideal.

As a hairstylist and someone in the fashion/beauty industry, I did some serious thinking about what to bring with me. Besides from the basic backpacking clothes, I also need to have clothes that will work for my Vidal Sassoon, whicm means, clothes that I would wear to work. Needless to say, it was a challenge and I am still no convinced I packed the right stuff.

I brought Bioderma H2O as my make-up remover, cleanser and toner. This was recommended by the amazing Ashly McKessok who I have mentioned in my previous blogs before. It's pretty amazing stuff. I brought some Bumble and Bumble Sumo Wax for my hair, as it holds well and looks great. Also from the Bumble and Bumble line, Mending Shampoo and the Mending Complex, because I can see my hair getting quite dry and damanged from the sun in my tropical destinations. I brought K-pak conditioner as a basic conditioner. MAC Studio FX powder and liquid foundation, Buxom Mascara as well as Falsies Mascara, again highly loved by Ashly, Kat Von-D Pink lipstick, Buxom lip gloss and make-up forever black liner. A little blush as well thrown in for good measure. I will probably only use a small portion of this stuff, but if I didn't have it, I would feel naked.

My call to board just came over the sound system. Off I go. See you in Turkey.

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