August 22, 2011

Canada has lost a great man.

I try to keep this blog away from politics and sensitive issues but, this is something that needs to be mentioned.

This morning Canada lost a great man.

NDP Leader and leader of the official opposition, Jack Layton  passed away from undisclosed cancer at the age of 61.

I have never cried about a politician, but Jack Layton was a genuine man who lived as he suggested we live. He was passionate, outspoken, charismatic, strong and vibrant. He brought a little bit of hope and humanity back into Canadian politics. Everyone who I know who has met him agrees he was a good person, an everyday person, who rode his bike to work and lived in an older home in downtown Toronto. He was a supporter of all Canadians, gay rights, the homeless, womens rights, and all before it was cool to do so. He never backed down from a fight and never passed up an opportunity to get a witty remark in.

For those of you who do not know of Jack, go find out. Search him on youtube, google, anywhere you can. The world lost something today that I don't think we can even yet comprehend. But, I for one, will remember his passion and his dedication and will not let it die with him.

Give them hell, Jack, wherever you are.

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